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Welcome to Al Falah Islamic School!

The teachers, staff and administration of our institution welcome you to our school website. Our school website is intentionally designed with you in mind to ensure an accurate overview of our fulfilling, well balanced, and fun learning program. We take pride in cultivating a positive learning atmosphere for our students where mutual support and respect are key foundations of our school culture attached to responsibility and compassion. Our history is replete with people of wonderful examples of resilience, character and mercy. We encourage students to live up to our rich traditions and use it as a guiding force on their journey to success and in helping others to success.

As a school team, we are focused on helping all our students meet and exceed mandated and personal expectations to develop into well balanced leaders. We offer a rewarding and engaging learning experience. Our goal is to ensure a well-balanced approach to practical education coupled with extra-curricular activities and a strong Character Education program to produce well balanced Canadian Muslims that are exceptional global citizens.

Please stay updated through our school website at www.alfalahschool.ca and our Twitter @Al_FalahSchool. We are focused on ensuring student success and we encourage open dialogue. We welcome you and we look forward to great opportunities and new discoveries ahead inshallah. With respect, responsibility and compassion there is nothing worthwhile that we cannot achieve.

Umar Qureshi

Our Mission Statement

Our school mission is to prepare Canadian Muslim students for success in this world and the Hereafter. We strive to fulfill our mission by:

  • Providing a quality education within the curriculum guidelines of Ontario’s Ministry of Education to ensure parity with other educational institutions
  • Providing quality education in an engaging and inclusive learning environment that incorporates Islamic principles and values
  • Encouraging the development of an Islamic identity that is rooted in Islamic character and Canadian values
  • Developing and facilitating knowledge of the Islamic faith and its practices to benefit all members of society

Our Teachers

Here, at Al-Falah Islamic School, we are proud of our high staff retention with one of the lowest teacher turnover rates among Islamic schools in the Greater Toronto Area! Some of our staff members have been serving the school since its inception and are celebrating more than 19 years of success.

Five Ways Al-Falah Prepares Teachers For Success:

  • Teachers are evaluated yearly by a retired Principal from the Toronto District School Board and our school Principal.

  • Teachers undergo mandatory professional development throughout the year as they attend workshops and courses organized by educational consultants and organizations.

  • Teachers actively participate in a Professional Learning Community to enhance their classroom programs, for example with a focus on Literacy.

  • Our staff is TRIBES certified which allows them to create a collaborative community.

  • Our low teacher turnover means consistency in education and focus on the development of our children. Al Falah’s emphasis on holistic Islamic education and professional development has attracted many brilliant educators and administrators since its development.